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27 May 2003 @ 10:49 pm
Took the cat to the vets this morning - nothing wrong with him, just a check-up and getting him micro-chipped. Somehow it'd slipped my mind how many other animals there would be in a vet's waiting room. Thankfully only one dog, though that one was overweight enough to be two, it seemed to me, and somewhat too large for its owner who was struggling to keep him under control.

Actually in the vets was brief - she checked him over, microchipped him, said his claws didn't need clipped and suggested we feed him half what we had been (which wasn't that surprising, as he'd gradually been eating less of what we fed him in one sitting as he realised he'd be fed another time so didn't need to eat it ALL NOW!).

He was quite happy in his carry box ... just looking around inquisitively and putting his paw out the front to touch us when he could.

When we got in we thought that the chip looked like it was half in half out ... so once I'd gone off to work J decided to ring the vets up and find out if that was right (it didn't look it), and it turned out not to be, so he took the cat back in to be properly done.

I had an odd half-day at work - I'd not got quite enough to do, partly as I'd intended on going to a meeting when I arrived, but when I got to the room the meeting was supposed to be there was a sign on the door saying "Exam in Progress. Quiet Please." ... so I didn't go in and went to the lab to see if there was a note about where the meeting was, there wasn't so I just kinda gave up. Turned out that they were in there, but hadn't bothered to take the sign off.

Came home, J presented me with a beer and we sat out in the garden in the sun for a while, a nice end to the day :)
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peagles on May 28th, 2003 12:13 am (UTC)
Until about 6 years ago we had a cat and there was no way she would go near a cat carrier. As soon as she saw the box she'd turn into a lethal claw-flying furball which was strange.. she was the most passive cat I'd ever seen. We found that wrapping her in a towel was the best solution because not only did she not complain, she'd end up sleeping in the car on the way to the Vet.