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Thursday was very much the day of the bad trains - I think I jinxed myself Wednesday evening when I was joking with a colleague that no matter what time I came in in the morning even if the train was horrendously late we'd both still need at the hyb oven at the same time for our in situs.1 So, on cue, on Thursday morning my train died. First we went a couple of yards and stopped, and they said there was a problem and it was being fixed. With the wonders of hindsight they shoulda stopped there and got us out of the train and onto the next one through - we'd've only been half an hour late then, and the next train would've been on time. However, they decided it was fixed so off we tootled ... only to come to a juddering halt2 about 2 minutes out of Ipswich. The announcement was funny though: "We are a complete failure. We cannot move forwards or backwards.". When we finally got going we went to Stowmarket and got out to get on the next train through (see what I meant about hindsight) - we were about an hour late in the end.

Then on the way home on Thursday the train got about 200 yards out of Norwich, and there was an announcement saying that we had a broken window, so we had to go back to Norwich, have it taped up then go out again - only 20 minutes late, wouldn't've been noteworthy if we'd not been delayed on the way in in the morning (about 75% of the people on the train would've been on the two late trains that morning).

In other news, I'd forgotten how much I like Tom Clancy's books, yeah he needs a better editor for the later ones, but you can skim the padding ;) - I decided to reread them as I'd just finished John Ringo's Posleen books (sbisson just reviewed the third book "When the Devil Dances"), and I think of them as Clancy with a better editor and aliens :) I was a little dissatisfied with the last book, but they're his debut novels, so I'm willing to cut him some slack. If you like military SF or Tom Clancy I'd reall recommend these.

Today we let the cat outside for the first time. In the morning we let him out for 30 mins or so, then brought him in for his breakfast, this afternoon we let him out while we basked in the sun and he promptly went over the fence and far away ... he did come back, after 50 somewhat nerve-wracking minutes. I know everyone else's cats come back, but what if ours didn't. He met a fair selection of our neighbouring cats too, so was a little stressed when he got back, so we made a fuss of him and made him feel safe. He's currently collapsed asleep on the floor behind my chair :)

1. As it turned out he was altering the protocol anyway so wouldn't've clashed whatever - but he didn't say that coz he's a little asocial, we're beginning to notice a sense of humour developing, but it's slow work.

2. I was just about to drink some coffee - so I had to go through the rest of the day with coffee stains on my nice pristine white t-shirt. Bah.
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