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So much for my vague resolution to post every evening. Instead you get a monster catchup thingy, possibly as long as J's post of earlier today :)

Think I last updated last Tuesday ... for the rest of the week, work was work and the evenings were mostly spent in a tired/ill zombie state. The only different one was Thursday when we did the mad "Oh my god we have guests this weekend!" tidyup, made worse by the fact that grahamb hasn't visited before so we didn't want the place to be appallingly messy.

Friday evening people started arriving pretty much straight after I got home. scamp and Chris were first in, closely followed by grahamb and not so closely followed by growf. After a couple of glasses of wine and some pizza and the arrival of sagima we went out to Furry, which was as fun as usual :) I keep trying to think of a nice little sentence to put here about something specific about the evening, but nothing really springs to mind - I enjoyed it, that's all that really needs to be said.

Saturday morning started far too early, accompanied by the inevitable hangover and a sinking feeling as I remembered my dentists appointment. Still, both those were out of the way soon - the fillings were done with no anesthetic which startled me somewhat, but there wasn't much drilling to be done so I guess it made sense to do it that way.

I met up with people again (minus grahamb who'd gone to get a train home late morning) in HMV before we toddled off to Vagabonds to have lunch, where we nearly missed mcurtains, becs and theostevens which is rather impressive given they were sat right at the front of the cafe.

I think we pottered around the shops briefly, before Chris took me off to Tescos so that I could get in food for the evening (and the rest of the week). This entry is feeling more and more like a list, but unfortunately for you guys, it's what you're getting. I couldn't be bothered to cook as it was too hot so for dinner we had sushi (which we made from a Blue Dragon kit that Jo and Chris brought, and it was very nice indeed :) ), and then vegetables and dips, and cheese and biscuits and bread and salamis. Oh and about 5 bottles of white wine. So after J, Jo and Chris stopped playing Q3A we sat and ate and drank till we were all too tired to stay awake any more.

Sunday is normally our lazy day of the week - but this Sunday we were up bright and early for a trip to the pub for lunch followed by the departure of our guests and our departure to Norwich. My boss and her husband were having a BBQ so we headed off there - the first hour or so was a little tedious for J, I think, as the 7 year old son of the boss insisted that he and J should play football. But after there were more children there Jackson left the adults alone, and J got to enjoy the rest of the party. It was rather fun - Grant (boss's husband) kept refilling the Pimms and lemonade, the food was very nice, and properly cooked, and as we'd all brought some meat ourselves there was plenty of it. We left before we stopped enjoying ourselves - having previously decided we'd get the 20:05 train home. It was a good thing we had, as we were somewhat overtired by the time we got home even despite our early departure.

Monday, and back to work. More of the Red Queen feeling - I had to give a presentation about my work for the last couple of months, which I didn't prepare till the morning, and it only served to highlight the fact that despite working very hard recently I've not actually acheived anything. But still, got a plan of attack (again) so we'll see how that goes.

And I'd put something about today, but I can't actually think of anything interesting at all ;)
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