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Bah. Logjam just lost my entry and I'm not sure why it died - I just pushed the mouse back over the window, hit return twice and started to type ... and it hung. Oh well.

Anyway, most of what I was saying was that I'd sorted out our bookshelves and managed to find homes for all the books we'd bought in the last year or so. There's about 30 or so that I need to box up, and 9 that we're getting rid of - we'll be taking them off to one of the charity shops, but if anyone wants one (I wouldn't recommend any of them) here's a list:
  • Ian Irvine "The View From the Mirror" quartet
  • Robert Heinlein "I Will Fear No Evil"
  • Chris Grant "The X files: Goblins"
  • Helen Dunmore "Burning Bright"
  • Chris Bunch "Seer King" (book 1 of the Seer King trilogy)
  • Paul Barnett "Strider's Galaxy"

I think I also said how it was finally too hot for me - I like the heat and I like summery weather, but a day where it's in the mid-30s celsius is just a little too much for me. I've even had to wear my hair up, it's been too hot. I think the temperature is supposed to drop somewhat tomorrow, still be sunny and hot but below 30°C again.

And that was where I'd got to when it ate my post.

I've kinda lost my train of thought though - I think I intended a whinge about how I don't like Western Quake, but I cba to whinge now, so just imagine it, OK?
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