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I am a sheep! I now have the Component LJ style just like everybody and his dog. But it is cool, not just popular, so that's why. I spent most of the early evening redoing my colour scheme too - not a hint of purple in sight. This one is because I thought the just off-white and the dusky grey-green would make nice colours for our living room (if we ever get round to re-decorating). So I made an LJ colour scheme as it's far less effort. I'm aware that there isn't enough contrast between the followed and un-followed links, which is why my webpage still has default link colours - I need to think about that a bit more if it's for public consumption (which my LJ style isn't really).

I've put a bit about what books I'm reading this week in the sidebar in the hopes that it'll make me update stuff (even if not my LJ) more often ;) Weeks run Sun-Sat in my world, in case you were interested.

I've had an odd weekend apart from that - J's been at this karate course and I've been working for a bit of it. When my boss gave me time off for my birthday and for Ellen's visit she didn't realise about the bank holiday, so I've done a half day on Saturday and a half day today just so when she says something about that then I can say I've actually worked the equivalent anyway. Saturday was actually useful - I got quite a bit done, although the main experiment (everything else was just set-up for this week) didn't quite work in that although the samples look OK the positive control wasn't positive and the negative control was neither negative nor positive. So I spent a little time this morning setting up something to check that I'd not just screwed up what things I put in what tubes on Saturday. Of course, if I didn't screw up then I have no idea at all what's going on.

The other thing I was trying to do today was some stuff with pictures I'd taken down a microscope over a couple of days last week. But it'd exported them from the fancy Zeiss image format into tiffs in black and white. I think I've sorted out what was wrong but then when I was trying to re-export them the network was being pants and the PC was being pants and I got all fed up and decided to get an earlier train back to Ipswich rather than faff around for another hour waiting for it. Think I might need to talk to the guy in charge anyway - see what he recommends I actually do with these as I'm not that hot with Photoshop and I dunno any of the other programs they use at all.

When I got back from Norwich J and I met for lunch (we went to the evil Costa as Vagabonds was shut), then pottered around town for a while. I stood in WHSmiths (as J was CD shopping) looking at the art supplies. I love looking at the boxes of paints and pastels etc - I don't tend to buy them coz I'd probably never do anything, but they're all colours and stuff so I keep looking at them. I used to love getting new sets of felt-tip pens when I was little, and things like the complete starter art box are just a grown up version of that. Which is probably why I re-did my colour scheme this afternoon - I may not be able to draw but I think I have a good colour sense.
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