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Catching up ...

... so much stuff has been done!

I had a good birthday (way back on Aug 29th) - took the day off work, partly coz it was my birthday and partly to get a little more sleep before our guest arrived. J took the morning off, and we pottered around the house a bit before meeting sagima for lunch at Vagabonds. J went off to work for the afternoon and I looked round the shops - bought that art-box I was looking at the other day - before buying stuff for Saturday's dinner on the way home. In the evening we went out to Furry which was rather conveniently on my birthday, and I completely failed in my good intentions to not drink much and not stay till 3am. This, whilst rather fun, was possibly not entirely wise ...

... for on Saturday morning I got up at 7:30am to go to Heathrow and collect graphxgrrl off her flight. My journey down there was uneventful, which was just as well as I wasn't really very with it, and Ellen texted me as I got to the Heathrow tube station to say that she'd landed and was about to come through passport control etc. Thankfully that took her a while because it was further to Terminal 3 arrivals than I'd anticipated, but I got there before she did and stood trying to keep both the meeting point and the stream of people coming off flights in view. I looked kinda silly, I think, as I kept getting odd looks from people as I was standing on tip-toes and bouncing up and down. Being tall would've been useful :)

Having collected her I retraced my journey and (more awake this time) got us safely back home in Ipswich. After the essential cat meeting and petting the four of us (growf was still around after Furry) went off to The Fat Cat for a pre-dinner drink or two. Back to the house again and before I collapsed I cooked tuna lasagne as the concept intrigued Ellen (she seemed to like it, too :) ).

Sunday was a nice relaxing day - Ellen was jet-lagged and I was just exhausted. We had a proper sunday lunch at The Duke of York, and then once Bruce left we headed off to Tescos for feeesh for dinner. Despite having said that I'd cook rather than letting Ellen do so, my 'help' with the sushi was mostly confined to sitting on a chair in the kitchen talking to her as she prepared it. We finished off the day by drinking various spirits and playing Chez Geek.

Monday started rather earlier than I'd truely anticipated - and the gin from last night had caught up with me. Nonetheless we still made it into London by midday and had lunch in Wagamamas which was nice :) The plan for the afternoon was to go on the London Eye (which we did) and then visit the Dali exhibition (which we didn't) - instead, after a coffee, we went and saw Westminster Abbey. It's been years since I last looked round, and I didn't remember much about it so it was nice to poke around and see all the tombs. Found the foundress of Sidney Sussex, saw umpteen kings and queens (including several that I've been reading the history of recently). Afterwards we headed off to Soho to find the pub we were meeting jaq and peteski in, but got there a little early so headed off to find some record shops J remembered. We got a little lost, so didn't find them (and ended up in the less salubrious part of Soho) but we did find a Japanese grocer, so now I know where to buy sushi rice and rice vinegar and nori.

We met up with jaq and Pete for a drink, then the five of us headed off to Yo Sushi for sushi (surprisingly ;) ). I rather liked the sushi, but I believe that this was partly due to my un-educated tastes ... guess I'll have to go educate them then. Life is pain ;) Back off to a pub we went - The Ben Crouch Tavern this time, and we met up with tucks and Kermit for a few drinks. Inevitably (or so it seemed) talk turned to spod meets of the past ... most of the details of which I appear to have forgotten. Showing my age, or something ;)

Didn't get back to Ipswich till about midnight, and the cat was frantically waiting for dinner. Tuesday morning arrived too soon, but again we made it to the train we intended and headed off for a day out in Cambridge. We had much less of a plan here, so made it up as we went along ... bit of a nostaglia trip for me and J, which was fitting as it was our 3rd wedding anniversary. We got lunch from Nadia's and ate it sitting on the grass outside The Mill, then walked around town for a couple of hours. I escaped lightly from Heffers with only 3 books and a calendar (and I subsequently left the calendar on the train, so I need to pick up another of those). After a coffee we headed off to the Fitzwilliam Museum and had a look at the Greek and Egyptian stuff in there. And at the building which is pretty spectacular in its own right. Need to go back and look at the other stuff they have as we'd somehow never got round to doing so while we lived in Cam.

Dinner was in Browns, which is my favourite restuarant, so it's always nice to take people there :) We met up with grahamb and dryad_wombat and had nice food (I had rabbit) and wine and it was good company :) After that, off for a drink in a pub I couldn't've found myself and can't remember what it's called, but it has a cool fishbowl (a telephone box).

Wednesday I was at work again, which I was a little less than chuffed about. I stumbled through the day mostly on autopilot and was very thankful when it was time to come home. J and Ellen had spent the day in Ipswich pottering around, and I came home to the smell of banana bread cooking :) After sampling that we headed off to the Maharani for dinner and had nice curry - and had wine with it (I normally have Kingfisher lager, but as Ellen doesn't drink beer it seemed a perfect opportunity to try something off their winelist).

I was originally gonna catch up to the present day, but as I've taken nearly an hour to write this I think it's time to stop and get some sleep *yawn*
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