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28 September 2003 @ 10:16 am
Books read last week  
"Warlock" by Andre Norton (webscriptions)
"The Telling" by Ursula Le Guin (library)
"Man-Kzin Wars X: The Wunder War" by Larry Niven and Hal Colebatch (webscriptions, only finished first story, cba with the rest)
"Natural History" by Justina Robson (library)
"Archform: Beauty" by L. E. Modisett Jr. (new)
"Perdido Street Station" by China Mieville (new, not yet finished)
Hugo, Hug, Huggles, Hugonian (whatever!)hflf on September 29th, 2003 06:45 am (UTC)
What was "Archform: Beauty" by L. E. Modisett Jr. like, I have been told good, so am considering buying or at least borrowing from someone.
Margaretpling on September 29th, 2003 12:18 pm (UTC)
I liked it - his science fiction feels less formulaic than his fantasy can (though I do still enjoy the fantasy). I'd recommend it :)