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Was in the kitchen setting up the coffee machine and doing my toast and pate for lunch, when I thought I heard someone yell. So I looked up (out the window) and there were two men staring over the back fence of the garden at me. I know there's a football field so I wondered if they'd lost a ball, but I couldn't see one anywhere in the garden. They kept staring at me, so I went though to the other room for a little bit coz it was making me nervous. When I went back through they were in the damn garden! We share the garden with our landlords, so I went round and told our landlady. She'd mentioned that someone must've been in the garden before as a panel of the fence had been broken round the side. So she got the dog out and went and stropped at them. I feel a little bad, coz they were after a ball they'd kicked over. But I couldn't see it, and I'm not going to go out and see what some random strange men who are staring at me want. For that matter if the landlady had had the dog out I'd've not gone in the garden anyway ... it's not a small fluffy dog, Lutz is a 7 stone doberman and it's all muscle. And he doesn't know me that well as we don't use the garden when he's in it (I'm pretty scared of him to be honest). But those people shouldn't've come into the garden. I know it'll be a fairly long walk round to the front door. But you don't go climbing over people's fences. Grr.

All a bit unsettling tbh, if I'd not happened to be in the kitchen I wouldn't've noticed, and then they coulda come and tried to get into the house or anything and I'd've not known till they did. *merp* Silly fears, but I've always felt perfectly safe here till now and I still am really, coz there's the landlady who's almost always in next door, and the dog. But still.

well, that wasn't at all what I was going to talk about today. Last night I didn't quite finish my Call to Power game, gonna play some more tonight, think I might win this one :) Read some more of my WebScriptions books, I'm a bit behind on my book reviews at the moment - hopefully I'll get round to doing some soon.

Continued sorting out my Introduction chapter today, think I'll finish it today, or maybe at the start of tomorrow morning. Then on to something else, like the discussion. Which I oughta let my supervisors see sooner rather than later, as it's all my own ideas and they've not seen them all set out properly before. Wanna be sure they're not gonna say 'it's all pap'.
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