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14 December 2003 @ 09:35 am
Books read last week  
"Palace" by Katherine Kerr and Mark Kreighbaum (library, re-read, and there is a second book but it's just by him and it's out of print I believe)
"The Door Into Summer" by Robert A. Heinlein (library, re-read)
"The Best Time Travel Stories of All Time" edited by Barry N. Malzberg (library)
"The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror Stories" edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling (library, unfinished)
"No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency" by Alexander McCall Smith (my mother's, not what I was expecting at all)
jaq: symbol - mapjaq on December 23rd, 2003 01:43 am (UTC)
What were you expecting?
Margaretpling on December 23rd, 2003 01:47 am (UTC)
More of a detective story and less of a story about the life of a woman in Africa iyswim.
Rillaith: quillrillaith on December 23rd, 2003 01:52 am (UTC)
I've looked at that series a few times, but haven't tried it yet (because I was concerned it would be too much "a woman in africa" and not enough detective story) - would you recommend it?
Margaretpling on December 23rd, 2003 01:59 am (UTC)
Umm, don't think I'm gonna bother buying any of them, but it was nice for a change from my usual sort of reading. If you're after detective story then I probably wouldn't bother. It is good, it's just not my normal stuff if you see what I mean.
Rillaithrillaith on December 23rd, 2003 02:06 am (UTC)
Nyeh... will stick it on my "if i'm passing the library and have run out of other books" list then ;) It's not like I'm at all lacking in things to read :/