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Looks like for about the first time in years we'll not be going out for a curry on Valentine's Day ... coz I booked the table tonight, and got one of the last 3 or 4 at the Kwan Thai. Normally I leave it till the week before then struggle to get anywhere except The Maharani (which is our favourite Indian restuarant, but somehow a curry isn't a proper meal out in the same way).

Had a pretty good week last week, well the weekend bits anyway - work was work, nothing special. But the two weekends both had Saturday nights out (one in Waterbeach for a friend's surprise 30th birthday party, one in Ipswich at Sonic Flower), and the resultant Sunday hangovers weren't as bad as might have been anticipated.

We actually got quite a lot done this Saturday too, a fruitless search for my father's birthday pressie but I've got my mother to sort that out, a less fruitless search for J's father's birthday pressie, and a potter round PC World (failing completely to get a hard case for my new Palm Zire but it was still nice to poke at computer bits and ponder upgrades to stuff). Niri and Gribble popped by in the early evening, and we treated them to some coffee and some PS2 demos (oh, and Amplitude of course). Then I cooked proper food for dinner (rather than just pasta or something out of a jar), then we went out. But somehow it didn't really feel busy, so that was rather nice.

Oh yeah, the bit of the work week that wasn't very normal was Friday - I was working at home waiting for the insurance bod to come look at the kitchen ceiling. Found out why they felt the need for the loss adjusters to visit - the builders have quoted something in excess of £4000 ex VAT. So while we're covered for it, they want to be sure of the scope of the work the builders think is necessary. The chappy said he suspected they'd quoted for replacing the whole of the kitchen ceiling, whereas our ceiling is in two distinct and (probably) seperate parts, only one of which has a hole. So while in some ways we'd like them to replace the lot, it's probably not necessary which means the insurance won't cover it and in that event we'll be happy enough with only replacing the bit that requires it. We'll see soon enough what's sorted out.
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