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14 March 2004 @ 07:26 pm
Hmm, probably better post a public service announcement. I have a new mobile, old number is transfering but this will probably take a while (up to 7 business days). If you do for some reason need to contact me by phone in the next few days and don't get a reply from the normal mobile number then either ring the landline and leave a message or text the number. If it's absolutely desperately urgent, ring J, he can ring me and I'll call you. If it's too much faff, then it's obviously not urgent enough ;)

That was the 'practical' bit of the weekend. The 'work' bit was writing a talk for tomorrow, which occassioned much sulking all weekend, but actually only took an hour or so - the time I spent during the week putting figures together in Photoshop paid off.

More sulking was engendered by the place we ordered a replacement coffee filter from getting the wrong part in, but they'll sort it out. And the old one hasn't quite died.

Other faffy stuff for the weekend was buying a new pair of jeans for work, just before the old pair give way. That involved looking at the size on every single pair of jeans of the style I like in Gap coz they only had one pair of 10R (and just by-the-bye, I hate the way they use US sizes, it seems like they're trying to make their customers feel better coz the size number is smaller than usual).

It's a shame we missed the Cam meet - but we were both tired and cranky and had too much stuff to sort out in town this weekend. Given I had a small temper tantrum in the middle of it all, I wasn't likely to have been terribly good company if we had turned up ;)

Oh, and amusement for yesterday was watching some asshole try and run over a police officer! They were stopping people from queueing on the road for a car park, then turning people back before they drove into the no-car bit of the street (all nicely signposted as Stuff One Shouldn't Do). So first he tries to just ignore the policewoman waving him on from the car park entrance - coz he's special and is driving a boy-racer car. Then when she keeps standing there waving him on, he and his female passenger both gesture obscenely and he goes roaring off up the street and only just stops before hitting the other policeman (who has to have nerves of steel). He was then going to just drive off, but finally realised that he'd probably better actually stop when the police ask him to, and let the policeman have a word with him (before roaring off back down the street and gesturing some more at the policewoman who first 'annoyed' him) ... twatboy.

Oh, and that name meme.

If you call me "Pling" you know me online, or are one of the guys who invented the nickname back in first year uni.

If you call me "Margaret" you're everyone else who prefers to stay alive.

If you attempt to call me anything else I'll either ignore you or berate you, depending on my mood at the time.
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Lolamilkmaid on March 14th, 2004 12:28 pm (UTC)
and just by-the-bye, I hate the way they use US sizes, it seems like they're trying to make their customers feel better coz the size number is smaller than usual
Unless of course you're not the 'usual/normal/average' size of course. 8(
Margaretpling on March 14th, 2004 12:50 pm (UTC)
Regardless of what size you are the US size is still 4 less than the UK size. So if you're used to UK sizes then it's still smaller than 'usual' (meaning the size number you usually wear).
8bit plastic love machine: bucky meditates crankilygravilim on March 14th, 2004 09:56 pm (UTC)
What about "Maaaaaaaagaret"? :)

I'm impressed by the boyracer, though. I think I'll try to find myself a nice lad like that.