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15 April 2004 @ 09:43 pm
Yesterday's PCR did work :) So I did the cDNA synthesis of the other 18 samples this afternoon. Because of a seminar (which was rather confusing, the guy hadn't put any effort into the presentation of his data which was a shame as it looked like it might've been quite interesting) I started later than yesterday afternoon so didn't get round to the GAPDH PCR - that's now tomorrow morning's task. The other thing I set up yesterday really didn't work though - the readout is if the cells go fluorescent green or not under UV light, and these were resolutely not fluorescing anything at all what so ever. So, try again on Monday.

This evening was chore evening, so much cleaning happened. I was feeling more than a bit tired so didn't start till quite late on in the evening which means we've just finished dinner. Little late. But it was leftover tuna lasagne, so very yummy :)
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Aidan O'Harealtoclef on April 16th, 2004 12:58 am (UTC)
That biochemical entry prompts me to ask something I've wondered for a while (forgive me for being nosy) - how do you cope with timing in what you do? As I understand it, the nature of the work is that once you've started an experiment, you've got to finish it otherwise all the reagents have been wasted, but there are only certain points at which you can bung everything in the freezer and go home. Do you find yourself often having scheduling problems because things overrun and you simply can't leave the lab until 8 or whatever? Just curious because (from what you've written) you seem quite good at working regular hours, unlike most academics...