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02 May 2004 @ 10:09 pm
Books read last week  
"The Lady of the Sorrows" by Cecilia Dart-Thornton. (Library. I really wouldn't recommend this trilogy, it's just so twee. I'll probably read the third one if I see it in the library sometime, just to find out if it can get any worse than the amnesiac heroine turning out to be the sole un-stolen child when the Pied Piper came to town, and then rescuing the spirited away children.)
"Bare Bones" by Kathy Reichs. (Library. Fun as always, not sure about the re-read property of these, but if I do think I want to, I'll buy them then.)
"The Machine Crusade" by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. (Library. Not finished till today. The problem with all of these prequels to the Dune books is that I really want to know what happened, but I'd rather just read a precis of the plot, it'd be a lot less irritating. For instance it (reasonably obviously) tells you that the guy in actual charge of the Jihad is having political rivals assassinated, and then two chapters later states it outright, just in case you were thick as two short planks and missed it first time round. That sort of thing kept jolting me out of readers trance and made me rant at J last night and tonight about the pants-ness of the book. That and the fact that I just don't like any of the characters. There are clear bad-guys, but none of the 'good-guys' are likeable enough to really qualify for the role. They're all petty and misled and bigoted and just generally annoying.)
contents under pressure / handle with care: readinggraphxgrrl on May 2nd, 2004 03:35 pm (UTC)
I'm quite with you on the 'Dune' books, they completely lack all of the qualities that made the books of Frank Herbert intriguing. Brian and Kevin aren't doing his memory justice at all. I will keep reading them for the same reason--but they irritate the hell out of me as I read them. I sincerely dread the book they're supposedly doing that is theoretically finishing the final book Frank had started.
Margaretpling on May 3rd, 2004 12:49 am (UTC)
I know what you mean - but that 7th book is likely one that I'll buy anyway, and grit my teeth and read it whenever I re-read the rest (unlike all these silly prequels) ... I really want to know what happens in that one.