Margaret (pling) wrote,

Books read last week

"The Meq" by Steve Cash (Library. Not bad, but nothing special really. The Meq are not normal humans, they are a race that remains physically at the age of 12 until they make the decision to pass through puberty. This generally only happens after the Meq has met his or her Ameq (beloved), and together they make the decision to grow up and have children. The story follows Z from his 12th birthday (the first one) in the late 1800s as first he searches for others of his kind, then gets caught up in their own quests. All through it I kept thinking that this was probably as 'modern' the story could get, as nowadays we'd soon notice a bunch of 12 year olds that never grew up. This is the first of a series, so presumably that'll be addressed, and there is some indication of how in this book.)

"The Astronaut's Wife" by Robert Tine (Library. Blurb on the back doesn't seem to have noticed that this is the book not the film ("Johnny Depp plays ..."). Quite fun, and the ending wasn't what I was expecting from a film book.)
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