Margaret (pling) wrote,

Books read last week

"Absolute Magnitude" edited by Warren Lapine and Stephen Pagel (library. Rather good collection of short stories - all 'adventure' science fiction)

"The Dechronization of Sam Magruder" by George Gaylord Simpson (library. Quite fun - it's written by a paleontologist, and only published after his death. There are stylistic similarities to HG Wells's "Time Machine" (which the forward by Arthur C. Clarke discusses) and the plot follows a man who slips back in time (with no hope of return) to the age of the dinosaurs. The afterword by Stephen J. Gould talks about the more paleontological aspects of the story.)

"To Reign in Hell" by Steven Brust (Library. Interesting concept, but the story itself was a bit 'meh'. Tells the story of the fall of Satan and of Yahweh setting himself up as God.)

"Downbelow Station" by C. J. Cherryh (New. Not one of her best - it's the first of the Alliance/Union books (that she wrote, Heavy Time is the first in the internal chronology) and tells the story of the formation of the Merchanter's Alliance, and how Pell became neutral in the Earth/Union war. All the other books (that I've read) in this universe tend to follow not quite central characters in the story, and these characters are either young and naive, or quite truely screwed up (or both) - they get caught up in momentous events and they're not quite sure why or how or what's going on. This book is from the viewpoint of the actual movers and shakers, and somehow that detracts a little from its charm. Still a good book though, just not quite the best.)
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