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Books read since July 25th

In one way this is early, in one way this is late, but I'll post it today anyway otherwise I'll probably not get round to it again tomorrow.

"Deadhouse Gates" by Steven Erikson (New. See below)
"Memories of Ice" by Steven Erikson (New. See below)
"House of Chains" by Steven Erikson (New. See below)
"Midnight Tides" by Steven Erikson (Library - we're waiting for it to come out in paperback to match the others. So far this series (Tales of the Malazan Book of the Fallen) is one of the best fantasy series I've read. This is book 5 and he apparently has 10 books planned. One of the things that makes it so good is that each book has some sort of resolution - in interviews the author has said that he hates cliff-hangers, so each book has a beginning, middle and end of its own although they are all part of a larger story arc as well. Another thing is the characters - there's something to like in almost all of them, and something to dislike too, a bit like real people. Mmm, it's just good. You should all read it.)

"The Skinner" by Neal Asher (Library. I'm beginning to think I should buy some of Asher's books ... maybe wait till J has spare time to read them and see if he enjoys them too. Each one I've read (all 2 so far) has been good, nice far-future SF with tech that feels plausible and emphatically not current)

"Oryx and Crake" by Margaret Atwood (Library. Why is it filed in 'literary fiction'? It's SF. But then maybe only us genre readers would read it if it was properly filed and we can't have that ;) I enjoyed it, but not sure it's quite worth the raving about it that I've seen. I'm not quite convinced by her biology either, the setting felt too near-future and the biology too far-future to mesh - and it didn't help that she mis-spelt a piece of jargon (it's proteomics not proteonomics) consistently.)

"The Day After Tomorrow" novelised by Whitley Strieber (Library. From the sublime to the ridiculous. I'll likely never go and see the film, so I thought I'd read the book - nice piece of fluffy armageddon, nothing requiring brains)

"The Confusion" by Neal Stephenson (New, unfinished, wasn't in the mood for it, only read a chapter then Midnight Tides arrived at the library)

"Hades Daughter" by Sara Douglass (Library. I'd seen people raving about Douglass so thought I'd pick this up with I saw it in the library. It wasn't a bad read, and I certainly wanted to know what happend, but somehow it was a little insubstantial and for something supposed to be full of dark magic it was awfully fluffy.)

"The Dark Rose" by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (Library re-read. This is the second of Harrod-Eagles's Morland Dynasty series and is set in the reign of Henry VIII. I should probably never buy all the series as there are currently about 25 books and that's a whole shelf on the bookcase, but equally the first ones are getting hard to find in the library and I do enjoy reading them. Harrod-Eagles seems to have put some effort into researching them and they feel accurate to my layperson's knowledge of the time periods covered - though she does have a lot more strong-minded, educated women in the Morland family than I suspect there really were in those times. Then again, people are always people. One thing that's interesting across the series is seeing similar situations crop up in different times and then seeing the different ways people deal with it)

"The Chosen" by Ricardo Pinto (Re-read. Hadn't read this for ages, and we got the second in the trilogy a while ago. Haven't finished it yet)
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