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Today appeared to be the start of the international students. UEA has some degrees which come with a year abroad, and some sort of reciprocal arrangement with the institutions the students go to for that year. I don't notice the foreign language ones so much, but every year the new students from the states force themselves on my notice - partly just because I can understand them, and partly coz they're pretty loud. I think by the time they go away at the end of the year they've mellowed a bit, both in accent and in volume - become just that little bit more British - and so one forgets how very American they were to start off with. Overheard snippets of conversation:

"It's so totally the best time to visit the US now, the exchange rate's just, like, totally awesome, it's, like, you go into a store and see, like, this top and it's, like, 20 dollars and that's only, like, ten pounds, it's totally awesome"

"And I said to Mom "Mom! You can't put Baby Jesus out now, you can't put Baby Jesus out till Christmas Day"..."
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