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I've been needlessly cranky all week - probably just coz I'm overtired. As a result I've been thinking of bitchily inappropriate things to say to people, and getting overly wound up by those who merely suffer from minor personality defects rather than saving it for the truly annoying ;) I think I managed not to actually say any of said things to the person they were directed at (though the temptation to post a few passive-aggressive posts about passive-aggressive posts was quite high :P), except the once ... at least it wasn't all that bad. I had a late morning coffee with my colleague Dylan on Thursday, and after complaining about something else I said "And some fucking muppet took the last aliquot of 1kb ladder without making more up so I've got sort that out too!". Cue Dylan looking shifty and saying "Umm, I think that might've been me". Oops ;)

Probably not going to go out to Sonic Flower tonight, though I feel faintly guilty coz Danny & Kerry often ask if we're gonna be going and we're so often not ... but given how tired I was last night (barely keeping my eyes open by 11pm) it's probably not wise. We may head down to the Dove for a drink instead, which seems to be taking over as favourite pub as it's closer than the Fat Cat but still serves proper beer.
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