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Books read last week

"The Storm of Heaven" by Thomas Harlan (Library, still not quite finished - but as there're only a couple of pages left I need to read them this evening so I don't have to take more than one book in to work on Monday. I've found it hard to get into - partly because it's the third book in a series and I've only read the other two books once each a long time ago. And partly because it seems to take me a little while to get back into the world it's in - it's a word where magic works and has kept the Roman Empire going for a couple of hundred years longer than it lasted in the real world, but it's falling apart a bit now, under seige from demons (I think) and there's some sort of Atlantis legend tie-in too. It's good while I'm reading it, but somehow it doesn't grab me enough to make me want to read it when I'm not, if you see what I mean.)
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