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Books read last week

"The Storm of Heaven" by Thomas Harlan (Library, finally finished it. There's another one in the series which I'll keep an eye out for just to see how it ends - which is made more difficult as the library can't decide whether to file the books in 'Historical' or in 'Science Fiction and Fantasy'.)

"The Golden Key" by Melanie Rawn, Jennifer Roberson, Kate Elliott (Library, re-read. I should get round to buying this book one day, I do like it. It's set in a country with strong Spanish overtones, but where magic works. The people of Tira Virte record all their significant events in paintings which then indicate a binding contract (ie for a marriage or a Will) - thus the position of Lord Limner at the court of the Duke is a significant one. The story opens with the Grijalva family having fallen on hard times, with public opinion biased against them - their chances of supplying the next Lord Limner seem slim. Their rivals, the Serranos, are spreading rumours about their use of black magic, which are hotly denied - however, we soon find out that there is truth in the rumour. Sario Grijalva is the most talented of the upcoming generation and will stop at nothing to become the next Lord Limner, and when his cousin and only friend Saavedra falls in love with the heir of the Duke he is torn between jealousy and delight at the help it will give his career. The events that follow from his mixed feelings have long lasting effects on the future path of Tira Virte. One thing I particularly like is that the characters are complex - and the authors make us feel sympathy for and identify with characters who do some pretty unpleasant things, the Serranos are right but you don't care about that.)
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