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07 February 2001 @ 10:55 am
Well, I'm sitting here somewhat bored so thought I'd wibble at you all a bit. Cafe is shut for admissions day stuff (prospective undergrads coming to look at our lovely department) so we can't all go for coffee - so I'm sat infront of the puter spodding (as if I need an excuse ;) ). Getting annoyed sounds from my colleague sat at the puter across from me coz this keyboard is a clicky one and I can type faster than he can so it goes clickety-clickety-click. This is the best puter the lab has though, so I'm gonna stick to using it when I can *evil grin*. (Best is relative - we bought this one recently so it's not old and falling to pieces, thassall).

Not done very much so far - set up the experiment and it's now incubating for 2 hours. Also set up my SDS-PAGE gels for later, I don't like setting them up early coz it means I'm hogging the equipment when I don't need to and someone else could use it in the time I'm not. But everyone else does that, so there's never any gel kits left when I want to run a gel coz they've all poured gels to run later on this afternoon *grr* *fuss*. And now I have nothing to do for another hour or so (well, a little, but not much). Trying to work out if I'll bother going to the group meeting at lunch time - I hate lunch time meetings, and there're 40 of us so no-one's likely to notice, but I'll feel guilty. Not that guilty though, so I probly won't go.
Current Mood: boredbored
Current Music: The sound of someone else typing (no stereo :( )