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Books read since 15th March

"The Second Coming" by John Dalmas (Webscription. Pretty good, but I really noticed the similarity in the theme of reincarnation with "The Regiment", which seemed like quite a cool twist in one book, but less so if it's in lots of his books. I'm not sure if it's in the one I own in dead-tree format ("The Lion Returns") so I clearly need to re-read that sometime ;) )

"A Hymn Before Battle" by John Ringo (Re-read. Tom Clancy with aliens and a better editor. Good alien invasion story, and I like the way that the 'good guy' aliens aren't necessarily all they seem ... I want to know more than these books tell you. This is the series that Cally's War is the most recent in.)
"Gust Front" by John Ringo (Re-read. Book 2 of above)
"When the Devil Dances" by John Ringo (Re-read. Book 3 of above)
"Hell's Faire" by John Ringo (Webscription, re-read. Book 4 of above, suffers a little from the fact that it initially was supposed to be part of book 3, but still good)

"The Stars Asunder" by Debra Doyle and James D. MacDonald (New, re-read (previously got from library). Not yet finished - more of the Mage Wars series)
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