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I went back and tagged my 30 most recent entries, now that tags exist. That takes me back past last christmas by quite a way, methinks I should update more ;) Unsurprisingly most entries seem to be about books. I also changed my style to one of the new ones, Tranquility II, as I'd got a bit bored with Component. Unfortunately this lost the 'tag this entry' links that component had, but you clearly can't have everything. Took me ages to get the colours right, the 'Page Title Text' and 'Page Text' objects refer to things on different backgrounds, and as I've flipped fore and back colours for the two areas I had stuff just not showing up.

I've mostly done housework for the first couple of non-work days I've had - which looks set to continue for this week too, the house is in a state, but now the main bedroom and the bathroom look nice and de-cluttered and clean. I'm beginning to think about putting ornaments in them coz the surfaces look bare!

Finances are obviously a concern with losing one income, so I've started tracking how much meals cost ... it appeals to my inner stats geek or something ... so I can now tell you that the roast dinner we just had (which was really rather nice) cost £2.55 a serving. Slightly over-obsessive as we don't need to worry to that degree, but I like spreadsheets and precision even if misplaced ;)

This entry feels rather bitty and it doesn't flow like I'd like it to, but then I guess I can't be too picky if I'm actually going to update more frequently - otherwise I'd never update at all.
Tags: cooking, house, livejournal
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