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I spent a large chunk of time yesterday poking at the new audioscrobbler site (now called and reading around in the forums. I quite like the new site, there seems more Stuff to look at and I like the colour scheme and layout etc, there're a few bugs to work out though, but that's to be expected. The forums remind me of how to a first approximation people are a) dumb and b) stuck in their ways. You'd think someone had murdered their best friend from some of the reactions - it's bad because it's different, and it's bad because there's PINK on the screen and offends their masculinity or something (most of the so-called pink is actually bright red). If you go look at the complainer's pages they're pretty uniformly male and teenage/very early 20s, and they only listen to bands with names like "Death" and "Deicide", so I guess black is the only masculine colour ;) (edit: it's not clear from what I wrote, but I'm only taking the piss out of those particular complaints - they do seem to have screwed up on the radio side of it, it's no longer streaming audio you have to download a player and there's only currently a few of the players available and those that are don't necessarily work. Which sucks. However it's not a feature I really use, so it doesn't affect my overall liking of those bits that I do use. That's one example, but there're probably other things that are genuinely complaint-worthy that have passed under my radar :) )

It was new contest day for one of the icon-competition communities I've joined recently - iconartistic - so I voted in the previous contest and downloaded pics for the new one, it's a retrospective of all the last 19 competitions, so I get to have a go at a couple of the cool looking ones from before. I made a couple last night, and I'll see what I think of them later.

I'm trying to create a picture of an alien landscape to go with a small scene I wrote ages ago - I made something the other day, and then looked at it again yesterday and I think I need to start over, the technique is right, I just haven't made the right image yet ... though I do like one of the cliffs, so I'll save that feature. More work on that later, maybe.

The CD Swap cds arrived yesterday (hopefully all of them - the package had a hole in and was wrapped in a Royal Mail 'oops' plastic bag), J took a couple into work and I'm listening to some of the rest today (starting with Mike's Get with the Programming Mix - which won't be J's sort of thing, I don't think, I'm filing most of it pretty firmly under Cheese at the moment (this is not a bad thing, go check my tags on AS ;) ), I think it's going to be good to do housework to too, not just programming, but I've not started that yet.)

J was working from home yesterday morning, so that was odd - I've not done housework while he's been around, felt a little odd pottering around doing housey things while he was sitting in the living room. On that note - never buy a white plastic kitchen sink, if you're ever in a position to do so. They stain like $stained-thing, and ours is now pitted where the scrubby cloth + bleach has damaged it in getting the blasted coffee stains off.

Speaking of housework - I should go make a start on the day properly.
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