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I managed to get cheap shoes on Friday - pink shoes, to be precise, and they look a little like ballet shoes. So that felt quite fantastically girly ;) But they go with the dress, and with most of my current 'dresses I wear to formal events' so that's all cool. Though some drunk stood on me last night and managed to leave a mark on them, so I'll have to see if I can get that off.

Yesterday was the sixth (and currently last) wedding we're going to this year - Damian and Lisa's. We had a service+evening reception invite, so the afternoon started by meeting up with people in the church - which kicked in some deja vu as it was the same church that rillaith got married in, and I'm assuming the same priest because there were some elements of the same 'style' to it. We then left and pottered round Cambridge - if we'd planned it better we'd've headed to ghoti's wedding to at least congratulate them on their exit from the church, but we didn't think to check where that church was before we left Ipswich, ah well. So we record shopped, and had dinner in Don Pasquale's (too early for food, really, but we had to move the car out of the car park we were in by 6pm). Afterwards we went and found where the reception was - Sheene Mill - and as we were still a couple of hours early for the evening do we went for a drive round the little villages south of Cambridge. While doing that we listened to a smattering of radio programs - first some jazz, then a very interesting program about Yiddish folk music (which has a name that escapes me, and I can't spell anyway), then classical movie themes, then more jazz. A very civilised sort of drive - went rather well with the wedding get up we were wearing :)

We were still a little early for the evening bit and the dinner bit was over-running anyway, so we got a drink and stood at the back of the room they were having dinner in and listened to the speeches. Adam was best man, and gave a rather good speech which trod neatly (if once rather wobblingly) down the line that seperates humour from offensiveness ;) After that was done we all retired to the bar, while they set up the disco. And then actually remained in the bar mostly. It was nice to see people again, and we're finally getting past the catching-up small talk having seen people 4 times this year. As Andrew kept saying, we definitely need to keep the momentum up, and maybe see people in slightly smaller groups too. As well as the usual ex-Churchillian suspects there was also Jeff, who we'd seen earlier in the year at the Marillion Weekend but not since at the weddings/re-unions, so we got to catch up a bit more with him, too.

The drive back was OK, marred slightly by my mis-reading of a sign in the roadworks (the lane I said was OK actually took us off the A14, so we then had a little bit of a flap getting back on it *coff*), but it's so nice to be able to come home from things and have a proper Sunday at home afterwards :) The cat was pleased, too - he was sitting in his bed waiting for us yesterday evening, well, this morning, that is.
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