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Yesterday was rather lazy - got up late, though still felt too early, and did lots of nothing all day. Fiddled a bit with the icons for iconartistic, decided one was pants so that narrowed it down a bit, but after discussion with J decided one of the others was too fussy. I tend to work larger than 100x100, not sure why, then shrink it. I need to not do that ;) or at least always have a view that's displaying at the right size. So I completely redid that one too, then posted the entry.

The postman just rang the doorbell, so I was expecting a parcel! But no. He'd put nextdoor's post through the door by mistake, no post for me.

Played Q3:TA for a bit yesterday evening, but I was feeling odd so was sucking particularly badly (felt like I was sitting about 2 foot behind my eyes, doesn't make for the fast responses ;) Feeling went away once I'd had more to eat, so that's all good).

House looks a bit like a bomb hit it, so I guess I need to do something about that over the next few days ;)

Entry's a bit disjointed, just like the inside of my head, you'll just have to cope ;)
Tags: creative, games, graphics, house
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