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Another day another icon competition. Give it a month or so, and I'll likely be bored of them ;) And this morning iconstillness closed voting (winners here), the theme was colour and I'd entered this:

rainbow icon

which isn't great, but much better than my original effort. I didn't expect my interpretation of the theme to be shared by so few people, but I guess most people like having movie stars/famous people in their icons ;)

I also played a bit with perl last night - I'm writing something to analyse the Quake 3 logs we're generating. It now outputs html, so you can see the stats it generated here and here. Next to do: Sort (based on kills/game), remove bot names. Which means I need to read the chapter in the book on sorting. I could do with also reading the chapter about data structures - I eventually also want to generate stats of favourite weapon/who kills whom most and other such things, and currently all I'm doing is creating 3 hashes (games, kills, deaths) each of which has a key/value pair of name/number-of-event. J suggests that what I need to do is first parse the log into a data structure that I can work with, then parse that to generate the stats (paraphrased from a conversation we had over a week ago, so I may be mis-remembering - I should've made notes I guess ;) ). So I need to know about data structures first ;)

I could also do with having it use a different style sheet, somehow looks wrong with my standard pale green on pale cream colour scheme. I'm getting bored of that anyway, so maybe I should change everything over to something else - need to decide what first, though. That'll be slightly tedious, coz I just changed over journal style to Flexible Squares and to get visited/non-visited links different colours I've had to host my own style sheet for it, so when I change over colour scheme I have to repeat the tweaks. Mind you, I'll need to do that anyway, coz right now I've got a bit with the text the same colour as the background which is less than helpful (though it's only the 'post a comment' form, so I'm not too distressed).

I changed coz Tranquility II had just managed to wind me up enough that it was making reading LJ a pain - I've now got a few feeds/people on my friendslist that use indentation as a way of delimiting quoted text, and Tranquility II doesn't play nice with indentation. So I was having to parse stuff based on context and tone-of-voice, which is difficult even when you know the person let alone when it's feeds/people you don't know and haven't read much yet. Flexible Squares does have its own problems - it still doesn't have the tags links on posts, and there's the link business, and if I have the user pics on the right (where I'd like them) then the indentation for comment replies is also from the right which breaks my head. I guess I should add 'working out S2' to my list of projects, coz then I can fix the problems in the actual style for myself ;)
Tags: colour schemes, computing, creative, graphics, icon contests, lj style, perl
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