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I didn't really do much yesterday - I mean I did the housework and stuff, but I didn't do much else but sit and read stuff online and play silly little logic puzzles. Overtired I think, too many weekends in a row of screwed up sleep patterns - though the whole early night thing just isn't happening, time seems to move from half nine to quarter to eleven without stopping for breath in between ;)

I'd had some vague idea of doing some embroidery, but didn't get round to it ... I think it's partly because it doesn't really fulfill the required criteria of 'not computer' stuff - it still makes me hunch over and still makes my arms hurt. But maybe this afternoon I'll get on with it - it should make a good thing to do while listening to the mix CDs ... of which I've still only listened to Mike's and Angharad's.

I suppose I did re-do my journal colours, and I did do some icons for the 100contest contest (and I've now got 4, of which I like 3 and I can only enter 2. Bah.). On the subject of icons - randomchallenge closed voting this morning, winners here. The theme was animals and I entered:

cat in a box icon and lazy sunday afternoon icon

Which both suffer from problems with transparency, which I only noticed after I'd saved them out as gifs and shut the original. I still liked them as ideas better than this one:

ferret icon

which I didn't enter, though maybe I should've replaced the panda with it (as the panda got no votes). The cat one is a pic of Toby, when he had his box to sleep in - it was a box for a pair of boots that I bought which he only just fitted into ... I had to take the boots back though (2 different pairs, too) coz the trim came off within a month of purchase. So the cat lost his box, poor cat. The other ones were from pictures I got from here, which has lots of public domain wildlife piccies.
Tags: creative, graphics, house, icon contests
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