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Yesterday was mostly spent nursing my small-ish hangover ... I've still got a slight headache this morning, which is probably caffeine related coz I didn't have quite as much as usual yesterday. For the first time in ages we went into town in the afternoon - J had a contact lens checkup, so I pottered around while he was doing that. Looked in Lakeland Plastics for the kitchen scales I want to get, and they don't sell them any more. We looked in Maplins later coz we thought we'd seen some there, and thankfully they still have them - and for about £20 cheaper, so I'm more likely to get the full money for my birthday. They're digital, but with a bowl on, which seems oddly unusual. I also had a quick look at fountain pens in WHSmiths while J was getting me a card. I can't get cartridges for my last decent pen any more (it was a WHSmith own brand and took non-standard cartridges) and I did pick up a cheap Parker one recently, but I hate the way it writes. It's scratchy and the ink flow isn't good at all :( So if my parents haven't already got me a birthday present I'm going to ask for money towards a pen, then get something in the £50 range I think. Mmm, I like birthdays :)

We also bumped into sagima in town, he'd managed to forget about Furry again, so I felt a little guilty that I'd not remembered to text him on Friday to find out if he was going. Then again, Ed emails people during the week leading up to Furry so Andrew did know about it, he was just being inept :P

Most of the rest of the day was spent reading trashy fiction ... I bought a couple of Webscription months on Friday, so I've about 10 books to read through from that ...

Today, roast duck for lunch ... and no real other plans so far, it's nice to have a weekend of relaxation :)
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