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The weather was so miserable yesterday afternoon that I decided that food shopping wasn't necessary - there was enough stuff in the house to do at least one evening meal without having to set foot outside. In the end I even used a jar of pasta sauce rather than make one from scratch - I was feeling too tired to cook, think I'm fighting off a slight cold, I'm slightly bunged up and rather overtired.

So mostly yesterday I did chores and nothing. I did do a couple of icons for iconartistic as that contest closes tomorrow, but they're a bit bleh. And got side-tracked at the end of the evening trying to make aunt rhyme with haunt. I'm not sure if magid says haunt like I do and makes aunt rhyme with it, or says aunt like I do and makes haunt sound like it ;) The difference between how J and I say aunt is mostly a long/short 'a' difference - I have aunt rhyme with shan't or can't, J has aunt rhyme with pant and be the same as ant.

I'm trying a new track with the eczema on the back of my neck - I've moved my moisturiser to sit next to the computer, and when I catch myself scratching I'm putting moisturiser on instead. We'll see if that help it clear up, coz it's annoying that I can't wear perfume at the moment coz it makes my neck itch. I've pretty much worn perfume everyday for 15 or so years, and for the last six months or thereabouts I've had to stop as the drying effects of putting alcohol on my skin were leaving me with extra itchy red marks on my neck. The moisturiser is perfumed, but somehow I don't associate me-smell with peppermint, so it's a little odd ;)

Today's looking like a nicer day weatherwise, so hopefully that holds up - I'm gonna have to go shopping today, I think.

Ooh, and Ellen made me a new user-pic :)
Tags: accents, health
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