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So I tried to read the Data Structures chapter last night, but it didn't work so well ... there wasn't one in Learning Perl (though I'd been convinced there was) so I fished Programming Perl off the shelf. Data Structures is chapter 9 ... so off I went and started to read. Er, what's a reference? So J explained and while the explanation makes perfect sense I couldn't hook it up to what the text was talking about. But never fear! References are the subject of chapter 8, I'll just backtrack a little. Unfortunately, chapter 8 made even less sense ... so I've gone back to the beginning of the book, and hopefully I'll hit chapter 9 at a run sometime soon-ish ;) Interestingly, even the first chapter (which is an overview) tells me things Learning Perl didn't cover.

I spent a largish chunk of the afternoon looking at our insurance stuff - I think we're over-endowed with life insurance. When we got sold it, we were pretty sure we were being over-sold, but we made the decision that we could afford it and it's better to have more insurance than you need rather than find out that you've got too little. Now, however, I've got the time to actually look into it - and I think we could save a non-trivial amount of money by ditching 2 of the policies, as we seem to be covered for critical illness twice each (in different fashions, for differing terms, but still). I need to get J to read through the paper work too, and re-read it myself after a pause to forget any assumptions I made this time, then I'll probably be writing and cancelling some of the stuff. Then we can look into moving the buildings/contents and life insurance policies elsewhere, partly because of the crappy service we got when our kitchen ceiling fell in, and partly coz I think they're more expensive than average policies.

Insurance is a) dull and b) overly complicated.

More icons were made. They collectively and singly suck. The picture I've got as a source irritates me. Dunno why, but that's my reaction. So the icons are particularly sucky.
Tags: computing, finances, icon contests, insurance, perl
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