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I realised about lunch time yesterday that the bit on the back of my right hand that hurts when I use the computer too much was actually going slightly numb, which is never good. I think I maybe need a new mousemat soon - the spongy bit that I shouldn't rest my wrist on but do is no longer very spongy and is more solid in nature. It is 7 or 8 years old though, so it's not that surprising.

So I took a bit of a break from computery things for the rest of the day, well mostly. Food & toiletry shopping in the afternoon - I hate the school holidays, town was hotching with teenagers hanging out in shop doorways and getting underfoot. Then I read more of Programming Perl till my brain hurt (I'm now about halfway through chapter 2) - the beginning of chapter 2 points out that each chapter builds on the previous one so if you skip around then you may find it difficult to understand. That's me told then ;)

pyc gave me some thoughts about the icon I was trying to do - but I still can't really think of anything decent. Mind you, don't think anyone else can either - there was a post in that community last night saying that there was currently only 1 entry.

Today's odd, as tomorrow will be, J's at a karate course all weekend (cept Monday afternoon) so it's a bit like a normal weekday not a weekend. That'll just serve to complete my increasing inability to remember which day of the week it is without checking a calendar ;)

iconartistic closed voting yesterday evening - winners here. I entered:

chocolate cake icon wish you were here icon
Tags: computing, creative, graphics, icon contests, perl
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