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Ahem. I may be 31 now, but I can still act like a small child when the occasion demands it. I think birthdays do ;)

I felt quite busy all day yesterday, but I'm not sure what I actually did - quite a few chores. Cleaned somewhere I've been ignoring (the sink outside the downstairs loo - it's kinda out of the way and not used much so I forget about it). Mmm. Clart and dead flies, yummy. But it's all clean and shiny now. Moved all the empty computer-bits boxes into the spare room, so they're still not away but that's a better temporary holding pen for them - there was a whole clear table in there that was just right for stacking the boxes on. We really need to sort the box room out, but that's sod of a task so it'll wait till we have a free weekend when we're not feeling knackered ;)

I also went and poked around on Wikipedia - in particular the Matrix Metalloproteinases page, which was quite clearly written by a medic. I've got myself an account and brought my thesis downstairs, but reading through the info on how to edit pages I kinda lost my nerve. I'll summon it back sometime and write something more comprehensive about the MMPs. Part of the problem seems to be that the only WikiProjects dealing with anything biological are organised by medics - the most plausible one to take an interest in the MMPs is called Pre-Clinical Medicine, for heavens sakes. Which I guess leads to page with bits of pharmacology on them rather than info about the enzymes in question. But it leaves me unclear about whether I should just jump in and edit the page, or whether I should go and introduce myself etc on that WikiProject first. I'll likely just jump in and see if I get slapped down ;)

Inspiration struck me for the randomchallenge contest - thanks, J :) - and I found some pictures of food that I like enough to make icons out of. 100contest should've closed voting by now, but hasn't. My icons are currently 2 of the 6 that have no votes :P

I should probably go do the washing up now, dirty dishes exist even on birthdays, which doesn't quite seem fair ;) Still, I don't have to cook this evening as we have left over tuna lasagne :) And I get to spend all afternoon in the pub, which is never a bad thing ;)
Tags: birthday, icon contests, science, wikipedia
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