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01 September 2005 @ 09:38 am
Gah. I'm feeling twitchy & anxious this morning, and I'm not sure why. It feels like I'm over-caffeinated: faint nausea, shaky, anxious. But I've not had enough coffee to do that - it normally takes ~4 cups in <12 hours, and not quite enough food to do that, and I've only had two-thirds of a cup of coffee and I've eaten my normal breakfast. Most irritating. I'm sitting drinking water, and I'll have some more toast once I've done the first set of chores and see if that helps me settle down. If I was the cat my ears would be pointing in opposite directions right now ;)

Right now, the cat is trying to get in a box that's half his size, and pushing it around on the floor as he tries to get his back legs in to join his head. So I'm still not as cracked-out as the crack-kitty ;)

Yesterday I went into town in the afternoon and spent some of my birthday loot :) I got the set of digital kitchen scales I was after from Maplins, they are shiny :) And it has a thermometer function as well, I seem to collect digital gadgets that tell me the temperature - my alarm clock does too. And I went to WHSmiths and got a new fountain pen, which isn't shiny as it's matt black, but it's metaphorically shiny ... and it writes nicely :) It has a converter to use bottled ink, so I may do that (though I got some cartridges too), particularly as I have some green ink somewhere which is more exciting than black. I need to get purple ink ;)

I spent a bit of the evening writing stuff about the MMPs - it's hard to take my thesis introduction and turn it into english, but it's getting there. All my references are out of date though :/ But whatever, other people can come along and update it once I'm done and it's up if they're bothered.
Current Mood: anxiousover-caffeinated?
Current Music: Bright Eyes "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning"
J: calligraphyrethought on September 1st, 2005 09:17 am (UTC)
Mmm...kitty crack.

I've been wanting a fountain pen, must stop by WHSmiths, I suppose. :)
Margaretpling on September 1st, 2005 09:22 am (UTC)
I wouldn't recommend the £10 Parker ones, btw - the one I got a while ago was very scratchy and had crappy ink flow. Which was why I asked for money for a pen for my birthday - I got one of the more expensive Parker ones (well, at the lower end of expensive - £55) :)
hatter on September 1st, 2005 09:51 am (UTC)
I wouldn't spend £55 on a parker, but my tombow modena cost about the same (give or take inflation) Reservoirs are the bomb, though I wish it was easier to get full-length ones (ie that'd hold as much as a parker cartridge) rather than ones with fill mechanisms that take half the space.

I think my bottle of purple is watermans - if smiths doesn't stock them, then try paperchase, they've got branches all over the place. But I tend to mix my own colours, parker's red is common enough and fairly bright, then you just need to pick an appropriate blue to mix.

the hatter
Margaretpling on September 1st, 2005 10:08 am (UTC)
*shrug* I like the Parker one's I've used except the cheap one. But I'm not really fussy about the branding - this pen wrote nicely, and was in the price range I was after (I tried something else, I forget which brand, and it didn't feel as smooth).

I didn't really think about using bottled ink till I'd got home - I'll have a look once I'm in town again, I think. My current inks are rather old, and I've not tried using them for a while, so I don't know what they're like (though still liquid, as I just checked). I'm sure if WHSmiths don't stock much then I can find an art shop that will, somewhere.

Btw, how do you clean the reservoir out between inks? Rinse in water? I've only used bottled ink with a calligraphy pen with a tiny reservoir in the nib before, so that was just rinse the nib and it's clean.
hatter on September 1st, 2005 10:23 am (UTC)
As long as you avoid any sediment at the bottom of the jars, they should be fine - but be wary of drawing inks if you're in an art show (windsor and newton, fr'instance) they're high on pigment and low on solvent, so tend to clog up writing pens; resist their myriad hues. I clean them in warm, running water, black ink takes a while to flush out (and even moreso from the pen nib, and then to flow ink back through it)

the hatter

the hatter
Margaretpling on September 1st, 2005 10:27 am (UTC)
The ones I've got are Osmiroid Calligraphic Inks, so I'm assuming they're OK for pens...
Margaretpling on September 1st, 2005 10:44 am (UTC)
Hmm, actually possibly not - after poking about a little online, I saw mention that inks for dip pens won't necessarily work for fountain pens ... and I got these to use with a dip pen, though Osmiroid appear to have effectively vanished so it's hard to tell.
Mrs. Christie: scullyshineyquarter on September 1st, 2005 02:54 pm (UTC)
Get the poor cat a box that fits!

Margaretpling on September 1st, 2005 04:09 pm (UTC)
He has a bigger box ... he shuns it for the one he can't fit in ;)