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Yesterday evening we went to the Beer Festival (this is BRIGHT YELLOW! - it burns, it burns ;) ) We tried 10 different beers between us (and only had one that neither of us liked):
  • Arundel Gauntlet (M)
  • Brandon Brewing Company Brandon Bitter (J)
  • Green Jack Canary (M)
  • Green Dragon Bridge Street (J)
  • Crouch Vale Blackwater Mild (M & J)
  • Haverys Armada Ale (J - but we didn't drink this one as we felt it tasted like fermented Swamp Juice with a nose of Gent's Loo)
  • Bartrams Coal Porter (M)
  • Cox & Holbrook Stowmarket Porter (J)
  • Bartrams Red Queen (M)
  • Dark Star Hophead (J)

The theme for the year was Nelson, and so there were a lot of East Anglian beers, and beers with related names (like Trafalgar). Next year apparently may be themed on the War of the Roses, which I guess means York & Lancaster beers.

Today, J has the day off, so it promises to be a nice lazy day :)
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