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We went on holiday :) It was nice ... I'll do the write up of it later (maybe tonight, depends, I'm pretty wiped even though I only had to navigate rather than drive home).

But first ... icons & blends - I even won one competition :) I'll do them in alphabetical order, I think, else I'll miss some.

100contest had a whole competition I missed (well, it hasn't closed yet, but I don't think I have either time or brainpower to do entries this evening), but the one last week I entered:

blue icon bull icon what now? icon faces icon

I think my favourite was the sad/blue one.

blendage had a colourisation competition - winners here. My entry is here. I don't like the text, on reflection - I shoulda just left it wordless, or with "Angelina" on it.

blendify__ appears to have a sudden hiatus ... I know I haven't won the current competition (as I can see the poll results) but the one after hasn't closed yet so I don't know if it's cancelled or not. As the voting is by name - I don't see any harm in pointing out that my entry for challenge 65 is here. I'm not that keen on it, looking back - too fussy. I hope challenge 66 isn't cancelled - I liked the blend I did for that one :)

blending_star closed the icon challenge - I won, twice :) Winners here, my banners:

first place banner
third place banner

And I also entered:

eye icon

which I liked best, but someone else had done a very similar one with better text, so they won :)

Unfortunately there weren't any other entries for the blend challenge so it got cancelled - which is a real shame as I really liked my entry. Though I must look at imdb for any film challenges first in future - Thirteen is apparently a dark film about sex & drugs & teenagers ... but I'd thought from the pics I'd picked that it was more wistful than that, so had a hard time picking a quote to match the blend off imdb.

iconartistic had two competitions close since I last posted about it - winners here and here. My entries were:

bird icon pandora icon

one for each competition, respectively.

I skipped the iconstillness competitions, and randomchallenge hasn't closed voting so I can't show you my icon - it's doing staggeringly badly, though, which is a shame as I rather like it :) travel_icontest has had a whole challenge I've missed (a shame as there were some nice pics), the one the finished on the Friday before I went away has winners here. I entered:

sail to me icon

which I liked, and only one other person did. Ah well.
Tags: blends, creative, graphics, icon contests
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