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That last entry went off on a bit of a tangent so I thought I'd do a seperate one about what I've actually been doing :)

Didn't get to bed till 1am last night and we had to go to the bank today so we dragged ourselves out of bed at 0930. And promptly went and spodded for half an hour or so like the junkies we are ;)

Having got into town before the bank shut we sorted out our stuff. Isn't it amazing how much less irritating ineptitude is when it comes with a genuine desire to be helpful? Yeah, so we had to point out a few things on the computer interface that shoulda been blindingly obvious, but she was a nice woman who wanted to sort the stuff out and seemed to enjoy dealing with customers. It'd've been even better if she'd been a bit brighter and a bit more clued up, but I didn't end up pissed off with her like I do if the inept person is also surly and pissed off at having to do their job and talk to a customer.

Bought J a PS2 game - the new star wars one that's just come out over here. I was buying it coz everything on the credit card bill we just got was mine (I just have a second card on J's), and it came to about the same amount as the game so J decided that'd be a good way to repay it ;)

J bought me a present too *beam* He got me Terminator on DVD. It's one of the few films I like and would like to see more than once. All the films I like are actiony type things - I don't like chick flicks and 'humourous' films and TV programs tends to leave me cold or make me cringe. Terminator is pretty much the first film I remember enjoying. Didn't see it at the cinema as I was too young at the time (I think) - saw it first in school when one of the art teachers played it us in the last lesson or two before xmas when I was in lower sixth. And I saw it again on TV when ITV did a Schwarzenegger season 8 or so years ago. And I watched it on video a couple of times when I was with my ex-boyfriend. I think it's the film I've seen most of all, infact. Well except Star Wars (episode 4, I mean) coz that was on every xmas when I was a kid. But it's been years since I saw it last, so I look forward to watching it. I just have to be in the right mood to watch a film first - I still prefer books to films, whatever the film is.

I also bought a book today - I was just standing in Waterstones waiting for J to show up (we pretty much always go to seperate shops on our Sat afternoon shopping trips coz he spends hours in the record shops which bores me silly and I can spend hours just pottering around looking at cosmetics and clothes (closet girliness coming out here ;) ) which bores him silly). And before I knew it 50 minutes had passed and I was a third of the way through this book and completely hooked. More about it in another entry (to be next, and about books :) ).

I also did the girly type shopping. I don't think of myself as being a particularly girly-girl but I was thinking about it earlier this evening and that side does come out more often than I really realise. So I just went to Boots, but I went and bought perfume. The perfume I always wear (Wings by Giorgio Beverly Hills) had been discontinued a while ago and my bottle is beginning to run low. So I smelt a few and finally bought the smallest bottle of 'Ghost' (can't remember the maker and I've flung out the packaging) and 'Hot Couture' which is a new one by Givenchy. So I'm gonna try wearing them alternately or something for a bit and see which I like best then start buying decent sized bottles of my favourite to just wear everday.

I also got the new razor for women that Gillete have out - being the ultimate consumer and all that ;) It's the 'feminine' equivalent of the Mach 3 one they did for chaps a while ago which J has. And it supposedly cuts you less and irritates the skin less - and certainly that seems to be the case for J. But all that's just justification - it looks funky and I just felt like buying it ;)

Painted my nails again once I'd finished the book I bought. J was doing updates to this machine so I was at a little bit of a loose end as I didn't want to start another book till I'd let this 'settle'. Found a purple nail polish I'd forgotten I owned. I love the colour purple and this is a really funky deep purple that's very shiny once it's dried. I think next week for the meet I'm going to do my nails purple and green (alternating, so one nail purple, next nail green). It's been ages since I did anything but one colour, and this purple will go really well with the dark green I wore for my wedding. Just hope not too many of my nails break during the next week as they're getting quite long and just right for being painted and displayed :)

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