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The cat is a brat. He does this thing of getting freaked out at the wind, where he comes in his catflap, bolts round the room, bolts out again and stands there with his ears pointing in different directions. So he did that a couple of times yesterday morning, then came back in again and stood in the kitchen door with ears twitching. I went over to stroke him a bit, and he started to purr. But then I had stuff to do, so I started to walk past him ... and he jumped straight up from a sitting start and grabbed my leg about the knee and then bolted out of his catflap again when I squeaked!

He doesn't do these things when J's here, he behaves himself then ....

I know my place in the hierarchy, it seems ;)

Apart from being attacked by the cat I mostly did housework yesterday ... did do some icons, too - tweaked the one for iconartistic then had a sudden flash of inspiration and did something completely different ;) That's entered, and I think I've finished the blend for blendage, need to contemplate that later, and then enter it. Started on the blend for blending_star - theme is Hilary Duff, and I tried googling for quotes, looking in IMDB at the films she's been in ... rom coms aren't my favourite genre of films by a long chalk, and all the quotes are so inspid ... I guess I should finish off and look at lyrics for her music, but I'm leaning towards a lack of words on this one ;) Just her name, maybe. But that probably means I need more decor :/

Watched telly last night too - Monarchy, which was all about the transition from the Tudors to the Stuarts, and how James I & VI and Charles I screwed up so badly that they brought the Civil War on their own heads. The main book I'm reading at the moment ("Reformation: Europe's House Divided 1490-1700" by Diarmaid MacCulloch) has also covered that so it was interesting to see another exposition so soon after reading that bit (having trouble wording that - I mean that the same broad things were discussed but the details picked out were different, which colours how the telling of it feels).

Need to write about the books I read while on holiday - and maybe quickly run down what telly I watched, as it's rare it happens ;)
Tags: books, cat, creative, graphics, history, icon contests, tv
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