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Ok, as promised - books. I originally intended to try and write a review for everything I read, but that's fallen by the wayside coz I can't always think of something interesting to say about everything I read. So as the point was for me to keep track of what I read and not to entertain you all per se I'm just gonna list what I've read and a few thoughts about each, starting with all that I've read since the last review which was a while ago. Be warned that there may be medium-ish spoilers for the plots, if that sort of thing bothers you.

"Second Wind" by Dick Francis.
I picked this up at Norwich station as I was on my way home and had messed up the connections so had an hours wait before the train. Nice piece of fluff like all Dick Francis books - thriller, as always, this time the hero is a weather man for the BBC who does forecasts for horse racing types. He and his somewhat less than stable friend get a chance to fly through the eye of a hurricane, but get involved in a world wide conspiracy.

"The War God's Own" by David Weber.
Got to buy this one sometime! It's a fantasy story, with the 'traditional' kit of races of man plus some extras ie Dwarfs, Elves, Halflings etc. The hero is a member of one of the extras, he is a Hradani, who are in general considered to be ferocious barbarians. Which is pretty much true, certainly in the past. He has been chosen by the War God to be a Champion and this tale deals with the problems associated with that - the difficulties the other races have coming to terms with it. And also partly deals with the changes within the hradani race.

"The Best from Fantasy and Science Fiction" edited by Edward L Ferman and Gordon Van Gelder.
This is a collection of short stories which were published in Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine, it is a celebration of their 50th Anniversary (1999). Some good stories, some that left me cold. Covered a wide range from fairly hard sf to pretty light a fluffy fantasy.

"Mad Merlin" by J Robert King.
Yep, it's an Arthur story. I normally like these, but not sure I'll bother reading this one again. A different take on the whole thing, with Merlin being Jupiter cast down to earth and made mortal when people quit believing in him. Not sure why, but I wasn't that keen on it.

"Transformation" by Carol Berg.
This is the book I bought in Waterstones this afternoon. It's fantasy, the hero is a slave captured in war 16 years ago who is being sold to the prince of the empire that conquered and killed his people. The prince is an arrogant bastard with a temper like nothing on earth. But there are flashes of redeeming qualities. The slave comes from a race that devote their lives to casting out demons and thus when he senses situation developing he both wants to intervene as his training taught him and wants to stand back due to his years of bitterness as a badly treated slave. During the book both the hero and the prince go through a lot of change, overcoming the effects of captivity in one case and growing up in the other. I really liked this, and it's the author's first book so things should get better :) It's the first in a series, but there's enough closure at the end of the book to be a satisfying read on its own (just as well coz it was only published in the UK this year so the next won't be out for a while).

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