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Mostly played Civ3 yesterday - I'm glad they say they've streamlined the later parts of the game in Civ4, this game is getting slightly dull, I know I'm going to win either culturally or via the space race it's just a case of waiting it out (and watching my automated workers work) ... so I've saved, and I'm making Cossacks and I'm going to go kick the French ;) Of course, now I'm doing something the several minute wait on turns while the Cossacks build and I change the government to Monarchy are even more tedious.

Also (hopefully) set up a PBEM game, needed to do it in Windows as the Direct Play stuff doesn't work in Cedega and it's needed for the set up even though it's not needed for the game. Took me two goes - it asks for name/formal/noun/adjective/title for each human player ... and it seems that formal = name of civilisation and noun = the name given to the people of that civilisation in the plural form. I've still got the noun wrong, they're all singular, but whatever, we'll live. It's not got round all three of us and back to me yet, though, so I don't know if it's worked yet :)

When J came home yesterday evening he was tired and cranky, so we went up to the Co-op and bought a starter and dessert for dinner ... so we had corn on the cob followed by Beef Jhal Frezi with a jam doughnut as dessert. The corn on the cob was surprisingly good - it was pre-cooked and microwaved to reheat, and it actually tasted nice.

Unfortunately I didn't sleep well, so I'm now really rather tired and I feel a little like someone took my brain away and replaced it with a large ball of cotton wool.
Tags: civ 3, computer, cooking, games
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