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Last night was Furry or 'Fury' as the list of events outside The Venue spelt it ... you'd think if you were going to put up a list of all the nights in your nightclub for the next three months you'd do a better job of proof-reading it, really. Still first in, but we had to stop nattering to Ed and go sit down before all the tables went before 11pm, and the place was pretty rammed before 11:30 ... it was a busy night. Entertainment was provided by two guys with distinctive dance styles - the first was entertaining coz he's a damn impressive dancer, the second was entertaining because it was hard to believe that someone could make quite that much of a tit of himself without any indication that he'd realised that was what he was doing. We were also entertained by the very not-classy lady in the almost non-existant dress ... As always, the music was great - we were both rather tired what with fighting off colds during the week, so we didn't dance, but we did sing along with things :)

And also as always, we drank just that little bit too much and consequently large chunks of this morning (well, OK, afternoon - we didn't get up till 11am) didn't really exist in any real sense. We've had lemon drizzle cake now though, so all is well with the world once more :) Although well has distinct undertones and edges of hangover.

iconartistic closed voting yesterday - winners here, and congrats to waldhornist for winning the 'best use of theme' award :). My icon just missed placing, by 1 point - if there had been a third place prize this time I'd've won it :)

contrast icon

The theme was contrast - I picked a picture in the Contemporary Realism style and picture in Fantasy Art style, off one of the websites we were pointed at for sources (hence my knowledge of what style they were ;) ), and kinda stuck them together - I like how it came out. Unlike some of the icons I've entered in other contests that are in voting right now ;)
Tags: creative, furry, graphics, icon contests, social
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