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We got up pretty early for a Sunday and had poached eggs on toast for breakfast, which I'd been planning for something like a week, but we'd never got up early enough for a largish breakfast to be sensible that close to lunch (and there's rarely the time on a weekday morning). We then managed to get into town and home again before midday - lots of library books for me, and a CD for J from the HMV sales (more Bob Dylan, there's a surprise ;) ).

I've now finished 3 of the library books (there seemed to be a theme of women suddenly and unexpectedly dropped into a culture not their own and overcoming the ensuing culture shock ... but all very different, I'll write them up sometime when I've not just spent too much time reading and not enough time doing chores ;) ).

We also played some Q3:TA last night, bots were harder levels, so it was a lot more of a challenge, but we still won just. Don't think we could've done it with just three of us, though. Managed to play for a couple of hours before my arms started to hurt - all that reading had a good side effect ;)

This morning has started far too lazily, and I need to get on with things, hence this rather rushed entry - I'll just finish off by showing the icons from contests that've closed voting. I entered these two:

greece icon melbourne icon

in the travel_icontest challenge (winners here), the Greek one bombed (too fussy, I think) but the other one picked up a couple of votes. And I entered these three:

icon 1 icon 2 icon 3

in the 100contest competition. And I was joint winner of the Most Creative special category for the second of those :) I'm willing to bet that the other two bombed though - the first just looks odd, and the other too fussy again. Simplicity is all, or something.
Tags: books, computer, creative, games, graphics, icon contests, quake
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