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Feeding the cat this morning I had a Streets song demonlooping in my brain (with slightly different words: ./~ Kitties need feedings ./~) ... looks like I've got my musical theme for the day already ;)

Civ4 went gold yesterday, it seems, so I think the release date is next week (well it's next week for the States, so hopefully here too) ... Quake 4 on the other hand is out today - so off into town I go this afternoon, hopefully HMV aren't too expensive otherwise I'll feel cheated out of some of the vouchers ;) We'll likely still be playing Quake 3 online for a while though - we're only getting one copy today, if it runs well on my machine (should do) and if it looks like multiplayer will be worth it we'll get a second copy.

I belatedly realised last night that three icon contests close today ... so I entered some that I'd already done for 100contest, though I lacked sufficient inspiration for more than two - the photos were all very similar so everything I tried to make looked similar. I flung something together for icon_vibes too, though I'm not sure I really understood what the theme was for ... we'll see. Entered a blend for blendify__ too even though that doesn't close till next week, I'd finished it though, so figured I might as well. Haven't done anything for travel_icontest ... maybe do something last minute tonight, while J plays Q4.

Finished "Science Fiction: The Best of 2003" (edited by Karen Haber & Jonathan Strahan) on Monday. It was a good collection of stories - the standout favourite for me was the Neil Gaiman story "A Study in Emerald" which starts out just like a Sherlock Holmes story ("A Study in Scarlet" to be precise), but then neatly nosedives off into the deep end. Very well done. Finished "Lord of Light" by Roger Zelazny yesterday - got it out of the library coz Zelazny is one of those authors people rave about, but I'd not read anything by him. I actually wanted one of his Amber series, but couldn't find them in the library. I wasn't that keen on "Lord of Light" - it reminded me of my feelings about "To Reign in Hell" by Steven Brust, nice concept, shame about the execution. In this case the concept is a re-creation of the Hindu religion/pantheon on a colony world and the collapse of this regime, but the way it's told left me feeling distant from the action, and feeling like I should've read a couple of textbooks about Hinduism to understand some of what was going on. Not a bad book, but didn't especially grab me either. Leaves me wondering if I should bother trying to track down one of the Amber books.
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