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I've been bad and not updated for a couple of days - mostly coz we've been busy this weekend. Or playing Quake 4 when we've not been busy. I went into town Friday afternoon and picked up the copy of the game HMV had put aside for me ... it was on DVD only, which was momentarily a worry as my DVD drive died a few weeks ago and I just shoved a spare CD drive we had around into the machine. But the linux installer for the game came to my rescue - I didn't need the DVD in the drive to play, I just had to copy the files off it which I could do from J's machine. Yay for LANs! I played a little of the single player game on Friday before J got in from karate - I had to drop it down to the easiest difficulty level coz my prefered strategy for Q3 doesn't work so well for a real single player game (I just keep running, and come back to kill whoever/whatever later). Most of the rest of the weekend I watched J play - we've currently only got one copy of the game (the other is on order) and if you run it on two different machines too soon then it bitches about the CD key still being in use. I'm unlikely to finish the single player anyway, I rarely do with any game, let alone FPS games. But the multiplayer looks cool - like Q3, but prettier. I need to look at the logs before I re-write my Q3 log analyser so I can make it parse them, too.

As I said, we didn't spend the whole weekend gaming. Saturday was pyc's surprise birthday party (it was her birthday yesterday) - she seemed suitably surprised by people showing up :) We had cake (and cake (and cake)), and watched cartoons, and played Fluxx, and had pizza. It was fun :) The drive home was a little less fun, as it involved queueing for a while as there was an accident on the M23 which closed a couple of lanes. But we were still home by 1am, to see a very frantic cat who thought we'd abandoned him without food!

Sunday we were going to go watch a karate competition, but decided we were too wiped out. So J spent most of the afternoon playing Q4 ... it's definitely an 18 rated game, there were some pretty gory bits. In the evening we went round to Jonathan & Becky's for dinner - we turned up early enough to see the kids before they went to bed, and predictably enough the younger one burst into tears, I seem to have this effect on babies ;) It was nice dinner, and nice to see Jonathan & Becky, who I've not seen for ages :)

I'm still suffering slightly this morning from sitting on the floor all afternoon/evening at Saturday's party. Yesterday it felt like someone had taken my legs off and put them back on wrong, today it's just a little achy. I think this is called getting old. Or 'Margaret needs to do more exercise'. I've always been inflexible though, just not quite to this extent ;)

The another irritation yesterday was that I discovered that I do need a DVD drive - CivIV is apparently only coming out on DVD, and I'll be playing that under Windows and I bet it's got copy protection stuff so I'll need the disc in the drive. No-one local has a spare drive, so I'll be buying one of them today.
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