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Managed to spend most of yesterday morning reading a book, so rather than write an entry once I'd finished I went off and actually did the housework like I should've done ;) The book I was reading was "Talyn" by Holly Lisle - I really liked it, though some bits of the ending seemed a little neat and tidy. Talyn is a magic user, a warrior in a three hundred year was between the Tonk (her people, a confederacy of tribes where every citzen has a say in how things are run) and the Eastil (a monarchy with some democratic features - they have a king, and they have elected representatives too). The story opens as the Feegash (another nation) are brokering a peace between the two countries, which is welcomed by the civilian population but not by the warriors. At first it seems like the story is going to be generic fantasy - you think you can see the designated Love Interest, and it seems like you can predict where the story goes from here. But everything is very much not as it seems. I particularly liked the way that from the very start of the book the character and her world seemed real and solid and different - which kept me going when I thought it was going to be about True Wuv Conquers All and the Benefits of Peace Above All. The magic had limitations, even when she finds a new way of doing things there're new limits; bad stuff happened to our heroine as a result of things she chose & did, although I did feel the last few pages tied up a few too many of the loose ends.

blendage closed voting (winners here) it was an icon contest this time with a Harry Potter theme. I entered:

icon 1 icon 2

I managed to forget to enter anything for icon_vibes this week, but it hasn't closed entries yet ... don't think I have time given the other stuff I want to do before our guests arrive, but we'll see. I managed to get entries in for everything else that's just started voting, so that's good. And unless someone's entered in the last couple of days I'm once again the only entrant in blending_star so I guess that community's disappearing :/
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