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The cat was being such the brat yesterday. I think we spent too long sitting round the dining room table at the weekend so he figured there must be something exciting or just something to be claimed as HIS on the top of the table. I think I must've taken him off the table a couple of dozen times just in the afternoon alone. Annoyingly this was even a day I'd let him out (we'd been keeping him in while we were de-fleaing him and while he had a bit of an upset stomach), so I was expecting him to have worked off all that energy outside, but oh no. Hopefully he's got it out of his system now, and I won't have a repeat today.

I had a brief trip into town yesterday afternoon to go to the library (another reserved book was in) and pay some extra money into savings - it was nice to see we'd managed to under-spend by quite a bit last month, particularly after the extra we had to pay on the car in September.

Once I got back from the library I read "First Drop" by Zoë Sharp. Fast-paced thriller, our heroine is an ex-army bodyguard on her first job, protecting the 15 year-old son of a computer programmer. Which should be tedious, but easy ... and then it all goes wrong. I'm not sure it would bear re-reading while one remembered the twists, and I wasn't entirely convinced by part of the wrap-up at the end but the book was good enough that I was willing to let it drop and not think too much about it :)
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