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My skin is trying to tell me I'm not drinking enough water - eczema is partly a hydration issue. This is odd, because for the first time in years I can drink water whenever I want, rather than waiting for a break. I guess because I can I'm not bothering to drink as much at any one time. Time to start counting what I drink again, I think - at least 2 litres a day would be a good start, I don't think I'm even getting that at the moment.

I mostly read yesterday - but I did get icons done for iconartistic and made a start on the blend for blendage. But inbetween that I finished "The Foreigners" by James Lovegrove, read "The Stealers of Dreams" by Steve Lyons and "Issola" by Steven Brust. "The Foreigners" wasn't the story it seemed to be - the aliens (the Foreigners) were incidental to the story really, just a setting, just a way to change the future - I got the feeling James Lovegrove thinks civilisation is about to fall to pieces, so the only way he could set a story in the near future was to have alien intervention. But really, it could've been a present day story with only a few tweaks to the plot. The protagonist is a member of a police force, investigating a series of odd crimes that if not solved may ruin the city he lives in. I'm not sure what I thought of it - if I'd gone to it expecting the sort of story it was I'd've possibly liked it more, but as it was I found it a disappointment.

"The Stealers of Dreams" wasn't one of the better Doctor Who books I've read recently - possibly because it was fairly firmly pitched at the young end of the YA spectrum, with no other level for the adults and older adolescents (which the current Doctor Who stories normally pull off, even if it's just innuendo). The idea was quite good, but the plot seemed transparent to me, and at least one of the twists came completely from no-where - I didn't feel it had been flagged up at all.

"Issola" is another of Brust's Vlad Taltos books. I'm finding Brust a little hit and miss - I've liked all the Vlad books a lot, but I didn't like "To Reign in Hell" and I tried "The Lord of Castle Black" but didn't get into it at all (possibly because it's the second book in a trilogy - and Brust refers to that trilogy as a novel in three parts, so it may be that I would enjoy it more if I started at the start. The library doesn't have books 1 or 3.). "Issola" was good, though :) I think I need to acquire all the Vlad books - I've got the last one that the library has reserved, but there are 2 or 3 that the library doesn't have. As I've £20 of Waterstones tokens left I may get them to order them in so I can buy them there.

iconartistic and randomchallenge closed voting, winners here and here respectively. I entered this for the iconartistic one:

vintage icon

and my entry for the Halloween theme for randomchallenge won Mod's Choice:

mod's choice banner
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