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J got an email saying Civ4 has shipped so that prompted me to fit my shiny new DVD drive, and to boot into windows and do the windows update dance. 14 critical updates, I guess I'd not done anything much in windows recently ;) Game likely won't arrive till next week though - Play take 3-5 days for shipping normally. So I'm not getting overexcited ... much. ;)

As that all went rather easily I guess it was fated that I cut myself making dinner - on a tin of ham. Bah. Tiny papercut-like cut on the pad of my right index finger, and on the bit of my right thumb that hits the spacebar (it seems). Didn't stop me playing some multiplayer Quake4 later in the evening though, so that was cool :) I suck at the game, though - but it was still fun.

Now I've fitted my new drive I can rip the CDs I got from jaq & theora ... the old drive ripped at 1x, not quite sure why, and anyway it was beginning to make weird noises when I put discs in. I should read the book I accidentally got, too ("Grunts" by Mary Gentle) - I think naath really wanted it, and I'd just said I'd have it if no-one wanted it ... so I shall read it and pass it on to Naath, somehow.

Finished my entry for blendage yesterday, and did entries for blending_star too. Just got icons to do for two challenge before tomorrow ... should be easy enough, even though the current 100contest one is making me grit my teeth - we need to put unreadably tiny text on it, which I dislike on principle. I suspect my unreadable text will say something rude about unreadable text ;)
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