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Yesterday was one of those stressed-out-don't-wanna-do-anything days :( I felt guilty for not working, but I'm damned if I'm gonna spend all my time working, I do need to relax too. So I sorta moped around most of the day. Tried to get our scanner working under linux but ran into a documentation shortage - I coulda set up a SCSI scanner, and I could use it once I set up, but installation for a USB scanner just wasn't mentioned. Decided what we have to do is work out how to set up USB stuff properly under linux. Equally SuSE 7.1 was implied to have support for USB scanners out the box so might buy that and see if it helps. Till then I can cope with booting into the evil-OS to scan pictures. I gotta use Windows for work anyway so I'm there most of the time anyway.

Played Q3:TA too :) Which was fun :) And I don't swear as much as J ... not quite anyway ;)

Today's just sorta happened. I'm really tired coz I'm having problems getting to sleep atm, I lie awake for what feels like ages. And when I do sleep I have anxiety dreams (dreamt my boss was really rude about the figure I've just done for my introduction). Guess I'm somewhat more stressed than I'd realised. Still it is nearly finished.

Bought myself a tub of pringles at the shop and I'm sat here eating them, and going to do logic puzzles and just let my mind clear out a bit (hopefully).

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