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CivCivCivCivCiv. Which about describes my day. Sorry to anyone that actually tried to, like, talk to me during the day - I wasn't really paying terribly much attention ;) I won a game - one I'd started on Friday - space race victory, on Settler difficulty. I've moved up to playing on Chieftan now, which still gives the hints & tips, it seems, but isn't quite so weighted towards the player.

I did play some Quake4 later in the day - scamp and Chris and some of their friends joined us on our server ... so I actually did alright - on the public servers there's too many people who can aim the railgun while jumping around ;) But I stopped after an hour coz my arms were starting to hurt a little, and it was time to cook dinner anyway.

I made Chicken Tikka Masalla for dinner - ought to type up the recipe at some point, as I've altered it a little from the book. But then I should also wait till I've got it right ;) I added more tomato (5 medium tomatoes rather than ½ a large one) and more of the chicken marinade - so the consistency and amount of sauce was about right (the recipe from the book is quite dry, and we prefer it more saucey). But the marinade has chili in (it's yoghurt, garlic, ginger, chili, onion and spices blended together until liquid) ... so the final dish was OhMyGodSpicy! Next time I need to add a bit over half the amount of marinade (say ~5 tablespoons) and make up the volume with yoghurt (say ~3 tablespoons) to cut the spice ;)
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